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Winnie The Pooh - Scentsy BuddyWe are all about providing the best fragrances and scents for your room décor and other occasions. With every product we offer, we have a strong story of love and fulfilment with scents that makes the difference. We have something for everyone in the family at pocket-friendly prices.

Our products give an ever-lasting effect, with the scent warmers being our signature products. All you have to do is plug it in at any electric outlet, throw some Scentsy wax in the dish warmer and enjoy the invigorating experience it gives!  Be secure in the knowledge that our warmers are a safe and flameless alternative to scented candles.  Don't have a power supply available?  Try our portable Scentsy GO system!Tudor Warmer - $74.00

Our scent warmers and diffusers come in a range of elegant designs and functionality with various accessory options to match and mix up with. They don’t just change the whole scenery of your room with amazing scents, their beautiful display is a major home décor option.

New from Scentsy, The Disney Collection. Your favourite childhood Disney characters are now available in your new favourite fragrance! Shop The Disney Collection and bring home a little Scentsy magic.

We also offer laundry and skincare fragrances in scents that turn heads anywhere you go. Scentsy is the best option if you are looking to make a statement of class with unforgettable scents you can rely on.

Our scent and fragrance products are royalty, packaged for your convenience. Special discounts, money-saving bundles and clearance sales are constantly available and all products are covered with label of authenticity.

Try out our scent options and your whole living experience will never remain the same!

Contact me today!  It would be a privledge to be your NZ Independent Scentsy Consultant!

How Scentsy Warmers, Diffusers, and Scentsy GO Work