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About Me

Hi and thanks for visiting my webite!  My name is Nadia and I'm an official addict of Scentsy :) 

I first heard of Scentsy when I liked a random Facebook page advertising the Scentsy brand.  As usual, I ignored "what" it actually was until a Scentsy "special" popped up on my wall feed.  Buy this warmer, and get a Scentsy bar for free.  Alrighty then!  Let's give it a go.

My awesome Scentsy lady (who is now my sponsor and friend) dropped off my Scentsy bundle, and thus, started a love affair with all things Scentsy!  Basically, I just LOVE how my home, clothing, linen, vehicles, and SELF smells now!  In my humble opinion, there really is no fragrance delivery alternative.

If you have never tried Scentsy and would like to "smell before you buy", please contact me.  I have mini tester kits or pouch parties available to send out by mail, and I would be happy to discuss it with you :)